Our Team

Tim, Owner

Tim | Owner

Loves problem-solving with a focus on customer mission success. Prides himself on his intimate understanding of the customer domain. Emphasizes understanding customer needs from start to finish.

Marci, Program Manager / Director of Staffing

Marci | Program Manager / Director of Staffing

Constantly balancing multiple roles to ensure the satisfaction of our current and potential employees. Excellent communicator that places emphasis on building relationships with employees.

Jeremiah, Chief Operations Officer

Jeremiah | Chief Operations Officer

Dedicated to the implementation and execution of Omnyon's strategic vision and objectives through effective action and collaboration.

Robert, Program Manager / Director of IT Programs

Robert | Program Manager / Director of IT Programs

Helping to direct the selection, utilization, professional development, economic opportunity and retention of IT and Engineering staff that support classified programs.

Tim, Controller

Tim (2) | Controller

Organized and dedicated to provide the best accounting services to keep the business running smoothly.

Jack, Program Manager

Jack | Program Manager

Consistently providing top-tier sourcing, selection, and retention of employees. Dedicated to ensuing that our employees continue to experience growth and development at Omnyon.

Taylor, Operations Manager / Support

Taylor | Operations Manager / Support

Dedicated to thoroughly providing a high level of administrative services to manage the operations of the company.

Adriana, Operations Manager / Human Resources

Adriana | Operations Manager / Human Resources

Committed to assuring smooth operations and communications between our management, our clients, and our employees, while focusing on the ever-improvement of our financial and human resources processes and practices as a dedicated administrator and professional practicing human resources in a variety of roles.

Cierra, Program Manager

Cierra | Program Manager

Provides top tier talent to customers and focuses on managing relationships with current and potential employees to provide highest job satisfaction.

John, Operations Manager / Contracts

John | Operations Manager / Contracts

Focused on contract management, with an emphasis on attention to detail, customer service, and understanding of the wants and needs of the customer. Dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Mieszko, Operations Manager / Contracts

Mieszko | Operations Manager / IT

Committed to providing robust IT and administrative services to facilitate smooth operations for Omnyon.

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